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The Eight of Wands - tarot card meanings and illustrations

The Eight of WandsBasic Meaning

Upright - Understanding and harmony. The time and conditions are right to facilitate success. A process of speeding-up and an end to delays. A time for 'grasping the nettle', taking the initiative or taking charge. This card also indicates: important journeys, correspondence, and favourable news. A card of hope.

Key Words: Enthusiasm, strength, hope, positive action, personal power.

Ill Dignified or Reversed - Disputes and disagreements. Great effort and a driving force that is totally wasted through the running out of steam. Silly, spontaneous actions. Cancelled journeys and possible career and job related issues. Jumping in both feet first before testing the water.

Key Words: Disputes, wasted effort, silly actions, cancelled journeys, rash actions, think before acting.

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