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The Five of Pentacles (Coins) - tarot card meaning in detail

The Five of Pentacles (Coins) The Lord of Material Trouble

Numerical Value: 5
Astrological Associations: Aquarius, Gemini, Jupiter, Mercury, Saturn, Uranus

Full Meaning

The Five of Pentacles is not a great card to have in your spread with regards to money. It warns that there may be material and financial worries on the horizon. This card can also signify a low point and in many respects it is a lonely card of change that financially speaking may not always be positive. However the best way to tackle this card is to recognize that although it is a sad and lonely card, you are not really alone and in your life you have much to be happy about.

Indeed, although there is no denying that this card symbolizes issues relating to the material and financial aspects of your life this is no great loss. The reason for this is that you still have the spiritual side to your life; and although now may be a low point, things from here can only get better financially, because where there is life there is always hope. It is important with this card in your spread not to miss out on any opportunities for advancement.

If you already have a job it can indicate that you are finding your work a little boring and uninteresting at the moment. In terms of relationship there is some indication of possible separation from a partner and this may be linked to money problems. What must be taken from this card is that it symbolic of a low point and you must realize that this could be your low point form where things can and only will get better.

Traditional Symbolism

Two mendicants in a snow-storm pass a lighted casement.

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