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The Five of Cups - tarot card meanings and illustrations

The Five of CupsBasic Meaning

Upright - A need to re-order and re-evaluate priorities.  Union.  Feelings of disappointment in someone or in oneself. Feelings of loss and a deflated ego.  There is a need to curb futile belligerence and accept the inevitable.  Some worries and regrets. Issues relating to engagements and emotional letdowns.  Emotional or monetary legacies.

Key Words: Displeasure, deflated egos, changes, overindulgence strains the wallet.

Ill Dignified or Reversed - An altered way of life.  False dawns and false starts.  Issues that may suddenly arise from an unexpected source.  Feelings of anxiety.

Key Words: Spend wisely, the overturning of a way of life, some anxieties.

The Five of Cups Illustrated

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The Five of Cups Card illustration.

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