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The Four of Pentacles (Coins) - tarot card meaning in detail

The Four of Pentacles (Coins) The Lord of Earthly Power

Numerical Value: 4
Astrological Associations: Aquarius, Scorpio, Saturn, Uranus

Full Meaning

The Four of Pentacles is symbolic of financial and material security and being in a comfortable position where you can easily live within your means. However this card also indicates that there may be a tendency towards materialism and possibly even a touch of miserliness creeping into your situation. This card suggests that now you have saved up or reached a comfortable financial position you want to hang onto it at all costs. When this card appears it also suggests that you may possibly be in a position of status, health, wealth and material comfort and you really do want to hang onto all of this. However sometimes clinging onto to something so hard can bring its own set of problems.

Perhaps now is the time to look to the really important things in life such as family and friends and share the good luck with everyone. There is a warning to try to guard against selfish behavior and if you are in a relationship try not to let materialism overthrow more emotional values. In terms of relationships generally this card warns that selfishness and materialism on either side of the partnership could prove problematic. In order for the relationship to develop the people involved must remain open to changes and new ideas. Sharing and caring are probably the best watch words here.

Traditional Symbolism

A crowned figure, having a pentacle over his crown, clasps another with hands and arms; two pentacles are under his feet. He holds to that which he has.

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