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The Four of Swords - tarot card meaning in detail

The Four of Swords The Lord of Rest from Strife

Numerical Value: 4
Astrological Associations: Aquarius, Scorpio, Saturn, Uranus

Full Meaning

The Four of Swords is sometimes referred to as a card of meditation because it is symbolic of a period of calm after a storm. Now could be a time for you to get away from it all and reflect upon everything that has happened; especially concentrate on things that may not have been so positive in your life. You may find that now is a good time to re-energize yourself after a period of turmoil. If you have been facing a long period of physical/emotional stress, disagreements, misunderstandings, verbal abuse and general disharmony then this card indicates that a period of rest and recuperation is needed, particularly if you have been feeling under the weather or unwell. A quiet stable scene is what is needed here, as this is a card for building up your physical and mental health.

Traditional Symbolism

The effigy of a knight in the attitude of prayer, at full length upon his tomb.

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