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Justice - tarot card meanings and illustrations

JusticeBasic Meaning

Upright - Amicable and favourable resolution of conflicts. Triumph over bigotry and prejudice. Legal action. Litigation. Contracts. Settlement. Issues relating to marriage. Sometimes marriage depending upon the other cards and normally only when marriage contracts, legal or financial documents are a necessary part of the intended union. Clarity. Fairness. Arbitration. A straightforward choice. Judgement.

Key Words: Decisions, resolution of strife, honesty, reap what you sow.

Ill Dignified or Reversed - Injustice. Inequality and bias. Separations not yet ratified or legalised. Delays. Imbalance. Confusion surrounding legal or tax affairs. Complicated negotiations. Unfair or delayed judgement.

Key Words: Injustice, inequality, hidden forces at work, overcome any ill will with good, fear defeats purpose.

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