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The King of Cups - tarot card meaning in detail

The King of Cups Queen of the Thrones of the Waters

Numerical Value: 4
Elemental Name: Water of Water
Astrological Associations: Scorpio

Full Meaning

The King of Cups as with all kings symbolizes the taking forward of everything to the next level. Whereas Queens typically help to solidify a situation the King helps to metaphorically speaking, break free of the castle walls to push everything just that little bit further. As a person this card is representative of someone who finds creative success in the more arty disciplines. He may also be skilled in the fields of drama, writing, music, architecture. Other professions include: historian, chef, bookshop owner, museum curator, restorer, painter and decorator. This card has been likened to a kind version of the "Godfather" and his realm likened to his family over whom he is fiercely protective. As a father figure he is very protective towards his family and would seek retribution if any one deliberately hurt any of his relations. He is also the type of person to "bail out" those he loves. Indeed the King of Cups as a person, Is a reliable, well meaning individual who takes a disciplined approach to life. In general this card can indicate new starts as well and is also linked to love. You may find that with this card in your spread you are building up the courage to approach someone romantically. Or it could be that you wish to become a better provider for your family. Artistic interests are also well starred with this card.

Traditional Symbolism

He holds a short sceptre in his left hand and a great cup in his right; his throne is set upon the sea; on one side a ship is riding and on the other a dolphin is leaping. The implicit is that the Sign of the Cup naturally refers to water, which appears in all the court cards.

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