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The King of Swords - tarot card meaning in detail

The King of Swords The Prince of the Chariots of the Winds

Numerical Value: 4
Elemental Name: Air of Air
Astrological Associations: Taurus

Full Meaning

The King of Swords as a person is someone who will take the high moral ground even at the expense of friends and family. This King is very different to the King of Cups who would put his family and friends above everything else, indeed the King of Swords expects everyone to stick to his very strict standards. In terms of a career this card symbolizes someone who is related to the following: law, consultancy or even a judge, politician, soldier, doctor or musician. This person has a very rational and logical mind and is an advocate of law and order. If this card is in your spread then it is possible that you may receive some help and advice from someone in a high position or position of power. It is also possible that as long as this advice is heeded then it may bear fruit. In relationship terms then this card indicates a clarity of thought and purpose that in turn leads to a 'meeting of minds'. This is a positive card and whereas the Queens in a spread may bring forth the ideas, the Kings help to make things real. They are the ones that break free from the constraints of the castle gates and forge ahead.

Traditional Symbolism

He sits in judgment, holding the unsheathed sign of his suit. He recalls, of course, the conventional Symbol of justice in the Trumps Major, and he may represent this virtue, but he is rather the power of life and death, in virtue of his office.

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