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The Knight of Pentacles (Coins) - tarot card meanings and illustrations

The Knight of Pentacles (Coins)Basic Meaning

Upright - This card can indicate an impassive, indifferent and stoical person, who does not always appreciate the feelings of others. A very traditional person who is clever in monetary affairs, patient and hardworking. Thoughts are mainly about health and money.

Key Words: Travel on foot, a good provider, patience, hard work, thoughts about increasing wealth.

Ill Dignified or Reversed - This card can indicate a greedy and grasping person, sometimes self satisfied and smug. Depending upon the surrounding cards this card symbolises that finances have reached a break-even point or even a standstill. Guard against those who may plot unfair financial advantage.

Key Words: Financial inertia, a greedy person, monetary maneuverings.

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