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The Knight of Cups - tarot card meanings and illustrations

The Knight of CupsBasic Meaning

Upright - Change and new excitements, particularly of a romantic nature. Invitations, opportunities, and offers. A person who is a bringer of ideas, opportunities and offers. He is often constantly bored and in constant need of stimulation, but also artistic and refined. A person who is amiable, intelligent full of high principals, but a dreamer who can be easily led or discouraged.

Key Words: Travel to water, strong emotions, optimism, romance, invitations, excitement, thoughts of love and affection.

Ill Dignified or Reversed - Unreliability and recklessness. Concerns about fraud, embezzlement, false promises and trickery. May indicate a person who is a congenital liar, someone who has trouble discerning the end of the truth and the beginning of falsehood.

Key Words: Unreliability, false promises, opposition to true affectional desires.

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