The Paranormality Tarot Lovers' Notebook

ISBN: 978-0-9552497-1-6

Only £16.99 including Postage and Packing

  • A sturdy, handy-sized wire-bound notebook (Pages 200 mm x165 mm approx., thickness 15 mm approx., 244 pages in total).

  • Contains 78 beautiful b/w illustrations from the forthcoming limited edition Paranormality Tarot Deck.

  • Contains all of the meanings of each card in both its upright and reversed positions.

  • Information on each major arcana card includes its: spritual name, card number, key number, rulership, hebrew letter, translation and numerical value as well as their meanings.

  • Contains examples of some of the more popular spreads

  • Has a sturdy plastic outer cover to keep it clean.

  • Ideal for recording tarot readings, looking up tarot card meanings or simply as a useful notebook.

  • The Tarot lovers Notebook is ideal for people learning the tarot and professionals alike.

Only £16.99 including Postage and Packing

Only £16.99 including Postage and Packing

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