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The Queen of Pentacles (Coins) - tarot card meaning in detail

The Queen of Pentacles (Coins) The Queen of the Thrones of Earth

Numerical Value: 4
Elemental Name: Water of Earth
Astrological Associations: Libra

Full Meaning

The Queen of Pentacles as with the other Queens in a deck, tends to be the cards which help to make things real. If you image that the Pages allow the seeds to be sown and the Knights spread the ideas, then the Queens help to, metaphorically speaking, bring forth that life. Indeed the Queen of Coins is no exception as she represents a very competent business woman who cares passionately about her family and friends and she will do all she can to further their careers or assist them generally. With this card in your spread you may find that you come across a caring, sensitive person who is able and willing to give some sound business advice. As the Queen of coins is also symbolic of status and financial security it is possible that such a person may offer you assistance. If you are thinking about a new diet or exercise plan then this is well starred. General success may well be achievable through the careful and practical implementation of your ideas.

Traditional Symbolism

The face suggests that of a dark woman, whose qualities might be summed up in the idea of greatness of soul; she has also the serious cast of intelligence; she contemplates her symbol and may see worlds therein.

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