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The Queen of Wands - tarot card meanings and illustrations

The Queen of WandsBasic Meaning

Upright - A lady of the manor either living in or loving the country. A very generous, capable and fair person especially in her dealings with people. A woman who is both fertile in mind and body and a homemaker. She enjoys social ease due to her charm and is protective towards those in her circle. The card may also indicate the success of a project.

Key Words: Forging a career possibly in acting, drama or leadership, a fun-loving woman, a woman of Leo temperament.

Ill Dignified or Reversed - A person who has a tendency to dominate or to be bitter; an envious, matriarchal and overbearing woman. A person who has a cruel very dry sense of humor and tends to imagine people are out to get her, even though malice was never present or intended.

Key Words: A bitter lady with a harsh, cruel dry sense of humour, envy, relationship issues, dishonesty.

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