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The Seven of Wands - tarot card meaning in detail

The Seven of Wands The Lord of Valour

Numerical Value: 7
Astrological Associations: Sagittarius, Jupiter

Full Meaning

The Seven of Wands is a card that is very similar in meaning to the Five of wands in that it signifies a 'spoke in the wheel'. You may find that up to now projects have been successful, but now certain situations or other people are making things difficult. Your plans may no longer be acceptable to others and this could place you in a somewhat more competitive environment. However you need to see the fruits of your labour and the way this can be achieved is through courage and sustained hard work and effort. This card can also suggest that some people may envy what you have achieved to date and this must be addressed.

You must find a way to take control move yourself into a position where you are in charge. In business this card Is symbolic of competition, and in a relationship, as the relationship deepens, so too may the challenges within it. The message here is to be aware of what is going on around you and do not lose sight of your goals as the achievement of your heart's desire will be well worth the effort.

Traditional Symbolism

A young man on a craggy eminence brandishing a staff; six other staves are raised towards him from below.

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