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The Six of Swords - tarot card meaning in detail

The Six of Swords The Lord of Earned Success

Numerical Value: 6
Astrological Associations: Capricorn, Taurus, Saturn, Venus

Full Meaning

The Six of Swords is a card that symbolizes balance and harmony after a period of turmoil. It Is symbolic of the restoration of equilibrium to a situation. It is a slow but sure, steady progress after a period of turbulence. It is an indication that difficulties and challenges have been overcome and anxieties quashed. However there is more to this card, because as well as indicating progression away from difficulties it is also symbolic of answers to puzzles. If you have a brain teaser to solve or a Mathematical problem that is posing a problem, then this card indicates that the answer may just lie round the corner. With this card in your spread the attributes of peace, equilibrium, harmony and the solutions to problems are well starred.

Traditional Symbolism

A ferryman carrying passengers in his punt to the further shore. The course is smooth, and seeing that the freight is light, it may be noted that the work is not beyond his strength.

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