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Temperance - tarot card meanings and illustrations

temperanceBasic Meaning

Upright - Combination. Co-operation. Co-ordination. Innovation through combination. Diplomacy. Successful negotiations. Maturity in dealing with certain matters. A placid, balanced temperament and good outlook. Meaning literally, temperance in the sense of harmony and balance. Good management. An ability to adapt to changing circumstances.

Key Words: Caution, diplomacy, risk, diligence to reach your goals, keep company with harmonious people.

Ill Dignified or Reversed - Imbalance. Volatility. Poor judgement. Fickle decisions. Conflicting interests. Physical stress. Disagreements. Restlessness. Trying to combine, too many, or the wrong elements in too short an expanse of time.

Key Words: Imbalance, poor judgement, fickle decisions, passionless love, possessiveness repels your heart's desire.

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