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The Ten of Swords - tarot card meaning in detail

The Ten of Swords The Lord of Ruin

Numerical Value: 10
Astrological Associations: Taurus, Uranus, Venus

Full Meaning

The ten of Swords at first glance appears to be an unpleasant card, but that is the nature of Tarot. Some cards are good and others bad and it would be dishonest to paint all cards as perfect. However tens represent the end of the element of any given suit, whether it is a good ending or bad. It is important to remember here that the keyword is 'ending'. Indeed this card symbolizes that any unfortunate events are coming to an end and closure is in sight.

Sadly sometimes things do just go wrong and this may very well be the case. But do not lose hope because this card symbolises the tail end of any disastrous series of events. This card also symbolizes any longed for or long awaited change. Moving on from this point could make you more positive and competent. Things can only get better.

Traditional Symbolism

A prostrate figure, pierced by all the swords belonging to the card.

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