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The Devil - tarot card meanings and illustrations

The DevilBasic Meaning

Upright - Money matters. Feeling the burden of the material side of life. Desire for physical and material things. Feelings of frustration and oppression. A tendency to collect and hoard money and material objects. Lust. Obsession. The querent's knowledge of his or her own needs, wants and desires. Security versus creative or spiritual fulfillment. Self imposed restrictions.

Key Words: Magic, self enforced restrictions, addictions, mystery, wants and desires, cruelty hurts only the giver

Ill Dignified or Reversed - Abuse of authority. Material success is the focus to the exclusion of all other things. Uncontrolled ambition. Greed. Being tied down to a person, situation or thing. Emotional blackmail. Secret and hidden trends. Overcome pride and self interest.

Key Words: Undermining influences at work, greed brings eventual unhappiness, replace coldness with warmth

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