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The Hermit (L'hermite) - tarot card meaning in detail

The Hermit The Prophet of the Eternal; the Magnus of the voice of Power

Card Number: 9
Key Number: 20
Rulership: Virgo
Hebrew Letter: Yod
Translation: The Human Hand Closed to Grasp or Hold
Numerical Value: 12
Astrological Associations: Aquarius

Full Meaning

The Hermit card is symbolic of a time to take stock and to reflect. By having this card in your spread it could mean that you need to retreat away from all of the general hustle and bustle of life. You may need and want to take some time out to discover your inner peace and wisdom and decide what is really important to you. This card is one of enlightenment and connections and sometimes a desire to simply be just on your own, alone and away from it all.

At present you may be feeling somewhat fed up with your present situation, but after a short period of withdrawal from it all you will emerge a much wiser and enlightened individual. As well as relating to you, this card can also be indicative of someone entering your life who will serve as a spiritual or physical mentor, who will help you to overcome whatever may be bothering you. Recent difficulties may have left you with feelings of isolation and loneliness, but once you have taken some time out and put past problems behind you, then you will be able to move on in a much more positive direction. The Hermit card is one of success through inner wisdom, reflection and spirituality.

Traditional Symbolism

The variation from the conventional models in this card is only that the lamp is not enveloped partially in the mantle of its bearer, who blends the idea of the Ancient of Days with the Light of the World It is a star which shines in the lantern. I have said that this is a card of attainment, and to extend this conception the figure is seen holding up his beacon on an eminence. Therefore the Hermit is not, as Court de Gebelin explained, a wise man in search of truth and justice; nor is he, as a later explanation proposes, an especial example of experience. His beacon intimates that "where I am, you also may be."

It is further a card which is understood quite incorrectly when it is connected with the idea of occult isolation, as the protection of personal magnetism against admixture. This is one of the frivolous renderings which we owe to Éliphas Lévi. It has been adopted by the French Order of Martinism and some of us have heard a great deal of the Silent and Unknown Philosophy enveloped by his mantle from the knowledge of the profane. In true Martinism, the significance of the term Philosophe inconnu was of another order. It did not refer to the intended concealment of the Instituted Mysteries, much less of their substitutes, but--like the card itself--to the truth that the Divine Mysteries secure their own protection from those who are unprepared.

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