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The High Priestess - tarot card meanings and illustrations

The High PriestessBasic Meaning

Upright - Intuition, wisdom and secret knowledge, the feminine side of the male personality. Something remains yet to be revealed, but patience must be observed. Duality and mystery. Hidden influences affect both home and work and intuitive insight suggests new solutions. The influence of women.

Key Words: Intuitive insights, deep knowledge, mysteries revealed, imagination, psychic and artistic ability.

Ill Dignified or Reversed - Lack of personal harmony and problems resulting from a lack of foresight. Suppression of the feminine or intuitive side of the personality. Facile and surface knowledge. Repression and ignorance of true facts and feelings. In women, an inability to come to terms with other women or themselves. Things and circumstances are not what they seem.

Key Words: Lack of foresight, ignorance of facts, things not what they seem, the suppressed feminine side.

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