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The Sun - tarot card meanings and illustrations

The SunBasic Meaning

Upright - Contentment and happiness on attaining success. Good Health. Material happiness. Mental, physical and spiritual vitality. New inventors or inventions. Academic and particularly scientific success. Reward. Acclaim. Approval. Abundance of energy. Achievement. Joy and happiness.

Key Words: Health, vitality, creative energy and above all success.

Ill Dignified or Reversed - Issues relating to partnerships and marriages. Diminished forms of the above. Broken engagements and contracts. Sometimes, allergies and educational issues. Hyperactivity. Sometimes arrogance. Vanity. Hypersensitivity. Misjudgement. Delayed Happiness. No one can hurt the individual but themselves.

Key Words: Marriage and relationship issues, maintain the sanctity of marriage, align spiritual, physical and mental goals.

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