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The Tower - tarot card meanings and illustrations

The TowerBasic Meaning

Upright - Disruption. Conflict. Change. Overthrow of an existing way of life. Major changes. Disruption of well worn routines. Disturbance. Dramatic upheaval. Change of residence or job sometimes both at once. Widespread repercussions of actions. In the end, enlightenment and freedom.

Key Words: Change that cannot be avoided, reap what is sown, the paralysis of evil by love.

Ill Dignified or Reversed - Negativity. Restriction of desires. Drastic change that may rob the individual of freedom of expression. Sometimes financial issues. More usually imprisonment within a set of circumstances which cannot currently be altered. Sudden changes out of one's control.

Key Words: Negativity, restricted desires, develop the self to avert risk.

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