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The Three of Pentacles (Coins) - tarot card meaning in detail

The Three of Pentacles (Coins) The Lord of Material Works

Numerical Value: 3
Astrological Associations: Gemini, Libra, Mercury, Venus

Full Meaning

The Three of Pentacles is a card of growth and development. It is a card of the tradesman, craftsman and business person. It is symbolic of hard work that is finally beginning to pay off. It suggests that any planning is starting to bear fruit and ideas are coming to fruition. As long as all of the right decisions have been made and all of the correct plans put in place; now may be a good time to start a new project, as business can be well starred with this card. This card is also indicative of recognition for hard work and you may find that all your previous efforts will finally be rewarded with the recognition that they deserve. With regards to heath this card can be indicative of positive results as a result of any new exercise regimes or therapy. In terms of relationships this card signifies that you may want to make the effort to build and/or maintain a relationship. Or it could be that someone wants to do that within your relationship. Either way this is generally a positive card to have in your spread particularly if you have been working hard lately.

Traditional Symbolism

A sculptor at his work in a monastery. Compare the design which illustrates the Eight of Pentacles. The apprentice or amateur therein has received his reward and is now at work in earnest.

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