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The Three of Cups - tarot card meanings and illustrations

The Three of CupsBasic Meaning

Upright - A fortunate end to a valued project or venture. A birth possibly physical, but may mean the birth of a new project instead. Great happiness as the result of a marriage or a birth. Something coming to fruition that was conceived out of love. A card of abundant fertility, trust harmony, maternity and the healing of ills. Possibly a celebration. Psychic revelation.

Key Words: Growth, celebrations, family gatherings, something conceived out of love that is coming to fruition, romantic activity.

Ill Dignified or Reversed - Self indulgence to excess. Selfishness and sensuality. Feelings of not being so happy, unbridled passion, health issues possibly associated with smoking or over-eating and obesity, possibly loveless lovemaking.

The Three of Cups IllustratedKey Words: emotions, selfishness, self indulgence, health related issues, a danger of over indulgence.

The Three of Cups meaning and symbolism in detail.

The Three of Cups Card illustration.

The Suit of Cups.

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