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The Three of Swords - tarot card meaning in detail

The Three of Swords The Lord of Sorrow

Numerical Value: 3
Astrological Associations: Capricorn, Libra, Virgo

Full Meaning

The Three of Swords is a card which has an aura of sadness about it and can be indicative of unhappy moments. It can also symbolize a love triangle and possible relationship issues. This is not one of the best cards in the deck by far to have in a spread, but what you need to realize that although you experience not the easiest of times right now, do not lose sight of the end as this is much more positive. Although you may feel like bottling everything up right now, the truth will eventually 'out' and this will all be to a positive end.

Traditional Symbolism

Three swords piercing a heart; cloud and rain behind.

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