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The Three of Wands - tarot card meaning in detail

The Three of Wands The Lord of Established Strength

Numerical Value: 3
Astrological Associations: Libra, Aries, Sagittarius, Mars, Jupiter

Full Meaning

The Three of Wands is a card that is symbolic of decisions that have been made and now those decisions are bearing fruit. It is a card of happiness and optimism. As wands are generally associated with travel anyway, then you may find that you have some business related trips. If you are feeling anxious about anything at the moment then with this card in your spread you should find that your worries begin to decrease. You have already done all of the groundwork necessary to put your plans into action, now is the time to enjoy the rewards. In terms of relationships then this card is indicative of growth and sometimes some travel may be starred.

Traditional Symbolism

A calm, stately personage, with his back turned, looking from a cliff's edge at ships passing over the sea. Three staves are planted in the ground, and he leans slightly on one of them.

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