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Judgement (Le Judgement) - tarot card meaning in detail

judgement The Spirit of the Primal Fire

Card Number: 20 Key Number: 31 Rulership: Fire Hebrew Letter: Shin Translation: Tooth Numerical Value: 3 Astrological Associations: Moon Card Number: 20
Key Number: 31
Rulership: Fire
Hebrew Letter: Shin
Translation: Tooth
Numerical Value: 3
Astrological Associations: Moon

Full Meaning

The Judgement card often shows the dead rising from their graves and an angel blowing a trumpet over them. This imagery is symbolic of things that were dead and almost buried but never fully resolved. These issues may now be moving to the forefront of your consciousness. Everything has come out into the open just like the dead from their graves and in order to move forward you need to put everything back into the past where it belongs. If you have had any health issues lately then this is a good card for you as it signifies healing and a period of recovery.

This card is also synonymous with change. You may find that you have some big decisions coming up which will involve firmly shutting the door on the past and taking a leap of faith into the future. This card is certainly one of leaving the past behind and closing the door, but it is also one of decision making and change. If you are single or hoping for a new relationship then this is also a good card to have in your spread. Indeed on many levels all that is required is for you to remain true to yourself and going after what you want.

Traditional Symbolism

I have said that this symbol is essentially invariable in all Tarot sets, or at least the variations do not alter its character. The great angel is here encompassed by clouds, but he blows his bannered trumpet, and the cross as usual is displayed on the banner. The dead are rising from their tombs--a woman on the right, a man on the left hand, and between them their child, whose back is turned. But in this card there are more than three who are restored, and it has been thought worthwhile to make this variation as illustrating the insufficiency of current explanations. It should be noted that all the figures are as one in the wonder, adoration and ecstacy expressed by their attitudes. It is the card which registers the accomplishment of the great work of transformation in answer to the summons of the Supernal--which summons is heard and answered from within.

Herein is the intimation of a significance which cannot well be carried further in the present place. What is that within us which does sound a trumpet and all that is lower in our nature rises in response--almost in a moment, almost in the twinkling of an eye? Let the card continue to depict, for those who can see no further, the Last judgment and the resurrection in the natural body; but let those who have inward eyes look and discover therewith. They will understand that it has been called truly in the past a card of eternal life, and for this reason it may be compared with that which passes under the name of Temperance.

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