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Judgement - tarot card meanings and illustrations

judgementBasic Meaning

Upright - Changes and improvements. Satisfactory outcome to a specific matter or period of life. Joy in accomplishment. Awakening. Rebirth. A good time for career moves. renewed, health, vitality and mental clarity. Sometimes indicates important pending decisions that will change the pattern of life for the better.

Key Words: Clear thinking, spiritual growth, awakening, resurrection.

Ill Dignified or Reversed - Stagnation. Delay in concluding a series of actions. Fear of change and sometimes fear of death. Lack of progress due to lack of important decision making. Separations that are not necessarily permanent. Sometimes guilty feelings. Broader outlook. The turning of a page in life. The passing of an old condition leads to a new one. Where one door closes another one opens.

Key Words: Stagnation, delay in finishing a series of actions, a fear of death and change, rise above any emotional turmoil.

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