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The Two of Pentacles (Coins) - tarot card meaning in detail

The Two of Pentacles (Coins) The Lord of Harmonious Change

Numerical Value: 2
Astrological Associations: Aquarius, Libra, Virgo, Saturn, Uranus, Venus

Full Meaning

The Two of Pentacles is a positive card and suggests that your circumstances, particularly financial circumstances, are likely to change, hopefully for the better. This is a card all about juggling and then getting the balance right in your life. You may find that with this card in your spread there are a lot of changes on the horizon as it is associated with changes and movement, such as news, journeys, communications, money and material preoccupations. You may find that you are juggling a number of these 'balls' at once but at some point you will need to make choices that will lead to the balance and harmony you require. Everyone knows what happens when they have too many balls in the air at once. There may be decisions to be made regarding two alternatives, monetary decisions or even job opportunities. Be prepared to take advantage of any opportunities that may present themselves to you. In terms of relationships, then again, as this is a card of decisions, then you may be faced with choices to make regarding the next stage of a relationship. This may or may not involve spending some cash.

Traditional Symbolism

A young man, in the act of dancing, has a pentacle in either hand, and they are joined by that endless cord which is like the number 8 reversed.

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