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The Two of Pentacles (Coins) - tarot card meanings and illustrations

The Two of Pentacles (Coins)Basic Meaning

Upright - Vast change and fluctuations. A need to balance many skills, when planning ahead. A warning against purchasing items on credit. The cards indicates: imminent changes and movement, such as news, journeys, communications, money, material preoccupations. All change must be skillfully navigated with knowledgeable manipulation of life's rules, in order to attain continued success. There needs to be careful handling of established business. Financial gain through ingenuity.

Key Words: Decisions, choices, changes.

Ill Dignified or Reversed - Guard against fecklessness, reckless elation, and discounting warnings of impending issues ahead. Debt, also may indicate over-indulgence in physical pleasures or maybe even overeating and drinking. Romance may be hampered by coldness. Ideas that are way out. An inability to complete a project.

Key Words: Over-indulgence, physical pleasures, any warnings should be heeded.

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